FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

  1. How do I sign-up or participate in a Pura Vida Ministry?
Contact Teresita  directly at terry@puravidaministries.org for all details and queries about organizing or participating in a mission.
  1. When can I come?! 
Any time of the year except October-- because October is the height of the Rainy Season down here and transportation is extremely difficult! (Know that local Costa Rican school vacation is between DEC-FEB and the first 2 weeks July)
  1. How do I get there? 
From the airports, San Jose (SJO) or Liberia (LIR), van transportation and translators are arranged via Teresita, at Pura Vida Ministries (so you do not have to worry about transportation!)
  1. How do I get around the area? (Public transport) 
Pura Vida Ministry teams get their own van—rental cars are recommended for families and individuals, and again, no worries, Pura Vida Ministries will negotiate any vehicle rentals for you!
  1. Are there any age restrictions to being on a mission, or in a mission group? 
It is up to parental discretion, but youth groups are usually aged 14 years old and older. Our eldest team member was 88 tears old.
  1. How much does it cost? 
Contact Teresita directly, at terry@puravidaministries.org, because it depends on the length of mission, number of participants, transportation needs, and actual mission project.  Each mission is customized to the needs and wants of the group and the project.
7.  Do I need a visa to get into Costa Rica? 
Every visitor must present a valid passport to enter Costa Rica.  Certain nationalities need visas to enter. So check with your local Costa Rican consulate before traveling, or visit http://www.visasinfo.com/costa_rica.html
No visa is necessary for citizens of the USA, Canada , or Western Europe.
When traveling with a passport, US, Canadian and most Latin American and European citizens may remain in Costa Rica for a total period of 90 continuous days.
  1. Do I need any shots? 
No! From a general health standpoint, Costa Rica is one of the safest destinations in the developing world. This is largely due to high health standards in our country. Thus, there are no required immunizations when traveling to Costa Rica.
  1. Can I drink the water? 
Yes, you can drink the water! The public water system supplies potable water to 98 percent of the country. Water is filtered and chlorinated, and the quality is controlled by the State. If you wish to err on the side of caution, bottled water is available at every hotel and restaurant.
  1. What about mosquitoes, creepy crawly things? 
Yes!  Of course we have mosquitoes and creepy-crawly things—this is the jungle!  Bug spray is best used at sunrise and sunset.
  1. Do I need to take anti-malarials?  Any other health precautions? 
No (even though there have been a few cases of dengue; malaria is extremely rare.) Use bug spray at sunrise and sunset.
  1. What do I need to bring with me? 
Bring comfortable, hand-washable clothing. T-shirts, shorts and “beach wear” are acceptable.  Bring a large hat to block the sun from your face and neck. Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots are essential if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing and hiking, as well as for some mission projects, such as school and church renovations. Waterproof hiking sandals or other footwear that lets your feet breathe are good for strolling about town, beach walking, fording streams, and navigating the myriad mud spots you'll find on rain and cloud forest trails.  And don’t forget your bathing-suit, the sunscreen and bug spray!!!  Modest dress is suggested for church activities.
  1.  What is the weather like?
Nosara is generally the same temperature year-round--hot: upper 80’s, high humidity.  The Rainy Season starts in May, with random sprinkles, to the height of the season, October, ending in November.  October is the worst month, thus we do not recommend mission groups come in October.
  1. Do I have to be able to speak Spanish? 
No, but it helps!
  1. Are there stores, a pharmacy and such around?
Yes!  As well as one bank, cafes, medical clinic, and a post office.  Wi-Fi is available, but we ask you to unplug to get the full experience.
  1. Do you take all Christians? 
Yes! Of course!
  1. Can I bring my kids? 
Yes, of course!
  1. What can my kids do?
Any of the activities listed in our “Things to Do” section  such as:  surfing, playing at the beach, canoeing, zip-lining, horse back riding etc.  There are also nanny services available, if needed.
  1. Where can I eat? 
Mission teams get their own in-house local chef, with 2 healthy meals a day!
  1. Nightlife activities? 
Nightlife activities include:  Church services, outreaches on the beach, concerts at the plaza, de-briefing, Bible study, and movie nights (with popcorn!)
  1. Is the beach dangerous? 
No, Playa Pelada is a very safe, child-friendly beach.  However, there have been riptides reported in the past, so we recommend not to swim out way too far!
  1. Do we have time off? 
During a week-long mission, there is one full-day off to play!  Please visit our “Things to Do” section  for some ideas!

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